Professor Know

PROFESSOR KNOW recently left his amazing Underground Observatory in Papua New Guinea to join Doctor Clockwork’s esteemed Consortium. The Professor has made his Mark in Fields as varied as Hagiography and Boot-Making; however, his most Distinguished Accomplishment is surely his series of ASTONISHING FINDINGS on the effects of the application of Hair-Tonic upon the Common House Cat, which culminated in the end of his studies in Veterinary Medicine. While CIRCUMNAVIGATING THE GLOBE by Hot-Air Balloon, Dog Sled and Sub-Marine, he met with Misfortune in a Leper Colony in Tora-Bora, after which he was Fortunate to escape with his Life. He has since been fitted with a Right Hand carved of Magnificent African Ivory.

The Professor been established as an AUTHORITY on every Subject known to Man! He has also achieved mastery in various Ancient Oriental Arts and has a FIRM GRASP of Freudian Psychology. This learned fellow is just the Person to approach with any and all Questions you might have about DOCTOR CLOCKWORK’S incredible ARRAY of STIMULATING ELECTRICAL DEVICES!

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