Proactive Support

Proactive Support is more than just a buzz word to us. It's what makes us who we are. At Dr. Clockwork's Home for Electrical and Medical Oddities, we have that drive to go above and beyond to ensure that you are 110% satisfied with your purchase. It is that drive, that dedication, that makes us the industry leader in customer support. We may not be the largest violet wand company, but we are, by far, the most supportive of our clients. It's our need to make a difference in the lives our customers— no matter how big or small. Really, it's our way of life.

What makes Proactive Support work? That's easy, it's our people. Our staff members don't just do this for a living. It's our lives. With education and community support as a prerequisite for working at Dr. Clockwork's our staff members are hand picked because of their dedication to the lifestyle, and to the community at large. Our staff members are hard to come by, because each one has a unique mixture of skills and traits. We congratulate their parents for a job well done.

What Makes Us Who We Are?

  1. Big Brains: We're not just talking book smarts here. Our staff members have excellent problem solving skills.
  2. Skills: We assume that you want to work with people that know what they're doing. All of our representatives are experts in their fields.
  3. Ears and Mouth: We are dedicated to transparency. We listen to you and tell you everything we know- the good and the bad. We hope that you do the same with us.
  4. Big Hearts: We take your business to heart. Our representatives take total ownership of doing business in a way that you can TRUST. Accountability is a huge priority for us.
  5. Watch: We will never say "I'll get around to it when I can." When you need something done, it becomes our first priority. Responsiveness is our mantra.

Questions? We are here to help.

Contact us through Email or call us at (973) 400-WAND.