What's New

Comb Electrode


Our most POPULAR electrode! Dazzle your friends with this color changing electrode!

A rarer electrode can not be found, and Dr. Clockwork has made this electrode even more special. Our comb electrodes have a condenser coil in the spine creating an INTENSE toy, and an evenly distributed spark.

Price: $75.00

Body Contact


The single most IMPORTANT toy in your violet wand kit is the body contact. Extend your play to over half the PERIODIC TABLE! With the body contact, anything that is metal is now your toy. Hold the end and "push" sparks, or have someone else hold it, and "pull" them from your willing victe- I mean volunteer!

Price: $50.00

7 Wheel Wartenberg Wheel


A step up from the classic wartenberg wheel, this FINE example of a sensation toy has SEVEN distinct and independently turning wheel. It is our opinion that anything worth doing, is worth doing to excess, and this is certainly no exception.

This PHENOMENAL toy works fantastically by itself, and even better when used with a violet wand! Buy yours today!

Price: $35.00