Solid State Jacob's Ladder

• Transmits Wireless Energy
• Noiseless Operation
• Pyrotechnic Effect
• 12 VDC/5 Amps or Battery
• 115 VAC Optional Converter
• Adjustable Frequency
• Control For Effect

Solid-state Tesla coil using readily available television fly back transformers and operating from a 12-volt battery or 115-vac converter. Versatile circuit can be used to make a Jacobs's ladder, plasma tornado, wireless energy demonstration, pyrotechnic electrical display and even turn a normal light bulb into a low cost plasma globe.
Unit is built onto a plastic channel of 7.25 x 2.5 x 3" with a coil enclosure of 5 x 3.5" diameter. All controls are on an aluminum front panel and include a fuse, power switch and power control. Operation with light loads must be done with caution as open circuit voltage will soar at resonance and cause the output transformer to burn out. When the unit is operated as a Jacob's ladder or connected to a large neon display it may be left on indefinitely. Unit is fully short circuit protected.
Output is not dangerous but can provide a painful burn and moderate shock if accidentally contacted.
Wire and soldering to a printed circuit board with some basic mechanical assembly.
Use as a high frequency high voltage generator for research, conversation piece, special effects prop, and office or bar action decoration.