250kV Tesla Coil

This device is a spark driven Tesla coil generating very visual and audible 10 to 12 inch sparks into open air without a return contact.

The unit operates from a three wire 115-vac outlet requiring less than two amps. The transformer is current limited to 20 ma being well below the lethal value of 50 ma. Tesla coil easily is tabletop operable and is a two level assembly consisting of a clear plastic top piece finished ply wood bottom section. The top section supports the vertical mounted secondary output coil and the flat Archimedean spiraled primary along with tunable clip lead. The bottom section supports the transformer, capacitor and spark gap assembly attached by machine screws and nuts. A metal control panel is connected to earth ground along with the secondary return minimizing any dangerous shock hazards.

The spark gap uses two pure tungsten electrodes rarely requiring cleaning or dressing. Hardware is all brass where required with the primary coil being a hybrid between copper tubing and a heavy insulated wire.

The kit contains a pre-wound and fully prepped secondary coil and all parts to complete the unit. An optional 8 x 2 inch toroidal terminal is available greatly adding to the performance and overall appearance of the completed system.

115-vac line powered requiring caution in assembling and testing. The output of the transformer can give a very painful shock and burn but is not considered lethal as short circuit current is only 20 ma.

The output spark from the Tesla coil secondary can be painlessly contacted by firmly holding a metal object and drawing the spark to it. The Tesla coil must not be operated in a flammable atmosphere or near sensitive electronic equipment.

Base section is a 12 x 12 x 7" with the 3.5" od x 12 " output coil. Weight is 15 pounds

Mostly mechanical assembly with some soldering.

Use as a science project, special effects prop, and for electrical research of high frequency electricity.